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1.Dyan Tsiumis

Dyan TsiumisDyan Tsiumis is an athlete and played sports on a daily basis but was still overweight. She used to have a whole box of fat-free treats and think, “Well, it’s fine because there’s no fat in them.” When she went to college, it was a free for all when her friends and she herself went to the cafeteria. And although she was an athletic training major, which meant she was always in the training room, she never actually worked out.

Each summer, she would go on a trendy diet, and start working out twice a day and usually lost about 20 to 30 pounds but when she went back to school, she would gain it all back.

The Change- Workout tips, Healthy diet tips

Dyan Tsiumis -change

After graduation, she realized she was very close to being 200 pounds which were a lot for a 5’1’’ height. At that moment, she could have let it go and see the scale keep going up—but decided she was done gaining weight.

Dyan then started working at a sports club. She worked out about six days a week for an hour at a time. She also started watching how much of everything she was eating by eating frozen pre-portioned meals. It was the easiest way to keep herself from overdoing it.

Dyan Tsiumis- before vs after

To stay motivated to work out, she started training for a half-marathon, even though she hated running. It was a great way to work towards achieving something while continuing to workout. She eventually ran two more full marathons.

She almost lost 60 pounds and a year later she moved to New York City. She learned cooking and noticed that fresh, whole foods—like veggies and chicken stir-fry were way more satisfying and better for her than what she’d been eating before.

Eventually, Dyan started a job in the corporate sector and kept up her workout schedule. She also started taking some mind-body classes that incorporated positive thinking into the workout. Those classes were really helpful because she was still trying to get over what she thought of as a “fat kid” mentality. She reminds herself that her body is awesome and capable of so many things.

Dyan Tsiumis- gym

She had to quit her job when she realized that she wanted to become a fitness instructor so she could train others to feel good every day.

5 years after initially setting out to lose weight, she lost about 70 pounds and weighed 120 pounds and on top of that, she is a personal trainer and cycling instructor at the indoor-cycling studio Swerve Fitness. She has won a number of fitness competitions as well. She competed in a body-building competition which was damn challenging, but she loved the setting and achieving that goal for herself. Staying consistent, setting new goals, and focusing on how her body feels when she eats certain foods has helped her keep the weight off for 10 years.

Dyan Tsiumis happy life

As a healthy person, she felt that she could do anything and that translates to every part of her life. It’s like a reward for her as she has grown so much and wouldn’t have discovered so much about herself if she hadn’t set out to lose weight because a healthy body and a healthy diet leads to a healthy and happy life.


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