Women in Military- The Knight in shining Armour

1.Lt. Punita Arora

Lt. Punita AroraLt. Punta Arora’s thirty-six years of a career within the Indian Armed Force was terribly mesmeric and was full with pride, respect, and medals.



Lt. Punita Arora's bravery

She displayed absolute leadership and offered dainty services to the impoverished person at the time once there was a terrorist on the military camp at Kaluchak, Jammu. The dead and wounded were dropped at the military hospital below her steerage. For her leadership and fast response to the mass casualty, the then President of the Republic of India Dr, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam embellished her with the Vishisht Seva honor, a bequest instituted for exceptional service and leadership rendered within the soldiers.

Punita Arora achievements

Lt. Punita Arora has received fifteen medals and awards in her career.

Lt. Punita Arora receiving award





She conjointly received a Sena honor for establishing gynae-endoscopy and medical specialty facilities at the soldier’s hospital. the connection the military simply happened, she says. “I joined AFMC, then the military, and here I’m nowadays — happy with being a military officer which too of the Indian soldiers.”

Punita Arora family

Punita arora family

Her husband retired as a brigadier general. before retirement, he accustomed to serving the military as a skin doctor. Even her son may be a skin doctor and he has been announced at the Air Force base hospital. Her girl is following her Post graduation however before that even she was serving the military. It’s wonderful that each one her friend is in the health profession wherever his father had a dream to become a doctor. She continually gave the credit to her family as she continually believed that Family ties are terribly sturdy and lead you thru the toughest of things and it absolutely was her family support due to that she is in a position to succeed in at this position of her life.

Lt. Punita Arora Quote

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